Hey you know my nebula shoes I made about a year ago? (See post below) well, after a lot of encouragement from friends and a lack of employment over the summer, i've decided to sell hand-painted nebula shoes via!

Each one is painted by me, and takes about 2 days to complete. Right now I'm releasing a few pairs of 'buy it now' shoes in limited sizes, but soon i'll be taking commission orders and hopefully expanding into other types of shoe (currently wedge heels, faux-creepers and faux-converses).

If you'd like to buy, have a look or even just like my page (I need all the support I can get, and i'd really, really appreciate it!) then please check out these pages! Thank you so much guys, you helped it all build up to this with your lovely words of support!


LIKE: (By liking my fb page you can receive updates as to when i'll be releasing faux-converses and faux-creepers in galaxy print, which will be very affordable!)