Cosmic/nebula wedges!

If you're any kind of blogger or blog follower, you will have undoubtedly seen the cosmic/nebula wedges which became an instant web phenomenon throughout the fashion world. After completely falling in love with them, I found out they were around £120, and whatsmore, they weren't even on sale any more. I don't know who originally created them (despite extensive research) but I have to give credit for the excellent idea.

So these were hand painted by me, after buying some cheap wedges off of eBay. I'm not 100% happy with how they came out...the paint I bought was cheap crap (and I only had about 3 colours and one thick brush) and I finished them in about a day, but I think they look okay. Obviously I could never match the expertise that went into making the originals :(

Just thought i'd give them a share anyway, because even though they aren't nearly as good they did only cost me £30 overall (inc. the shoes, paints etc.) which is a saving of £90.

P.S. I'm starting uni on saturday and I can't to give these puppies their first outing...eeek!!

Charlie x