Link to eBay store up now!

SORRY - massive fail - forgot to put the link to my actual ebay page on the last post, haha!

Here it is - for future reference my eBay name is vampires-and-cardigans - easy enough to remember! :) <-- Check out this link for all the listings below!

eBay is back up!

I should have really told you about this sooner (sorry!), but i'm selling some old clothes on eBay that I don't wear anymore - trust me, with some of these it breaks my little heart to see them go, but I just have far too many to take to Uni and I need money! So if you want to have a gander and see if theres anything you like, these are just some of the things that are up there.

Just to warn you though, I am selling other more boring stuff, including my mums/sisters old clothes, so don't be freaked out, haha :)



Check back tomorrow for an AUSSIE COMPETITION/GIVEAWAY!

Pink Ombre Hair!

Yeah,! I love it sooo much, although its not pink anymore because I washed it out :( I'm thinking about doing it turquoise/lilac before uni, but for these I will be forced to actually bleach my hair, or the colour will come out muddy. Hmm! But can this trend last forreeeevvverrrrr please, I LOVE ombre hair, its so amazing!

I'm also wearing an outfit of some sort above, but didn't really get a good picture! :( This was at my friends 20th at a bar in Oxford Street, and actually it was wearing this outfit that I was stopped by a street fashion photographer for London Lite, very exciting!

I was wearing a cream sheer shirt from eBay, vintage high waisted Levi shorts, suspender tights and shoe boot wedge heels. I wish I had a proper picture because I really liked this outfit!

Charlie x