Hey guys, I know i've been a bit shit recently (understatement of the century) and i've been getting a lot of comments and formspring questions about when/if i'm coming back.
I unofficially plan my glorious return to fashion blogging when I finish my exams, which is 17th June 2011.
Without boring you too much with my life story, I'm trying to get into Sussex University, but to do so I've had to take a Geography A Level at home, which I started in February, equating to a two year course being attempted in less than five months, haha. So since February I've clocked over 800 hours at the library (i'm not kidding, I worked it out)...oh god seeing it written down pretty much makes me realise what a total loser I am...fml.

ANYWHO, I got Aussie events, TONNES of new outfit posts (my past months as a social recluse has pretty much tripled my eBay buying...again, fml) and loads of new stuff on eBay (I lost my job so its going to be my only form of income LOL) coming up this summer, although I am going on a few holidays but it won't really impact too much, as I only post twice a week or so.

Anyway, if you got through this sad little essay of woe just know i've not disappeared off the planet...JUST SO YOU KNOW

Charlie x

P.s. I'm wearing my bear SpiritHood in the picture.. They've become a lot more popular with celebrities recently, so you've probably seen them around in mags etc. JUST KNOW I WAS FIRST. Cool.