All American Girl

Okay...I'm getting slightly better at

I LOVE this parka. It's the perfect Spring/Autumn coat. It was just a plain old coat when I got it from River Island about a year ago, but I bought the two patches from eBay and stitched them on to make it look more military-ish.

Khaki Coat - River Island (Badges customised)

I ♥ NY Tee - eBay (Sleeves cut off)

Owl Ring - H&M

Love Bracelet - Topshop

Horse Bracelet - Vintage

Gothic Bracelet - Boutique

Thanks for the welcome backs btw! I know i've lost some people but to know that some people were still checking the blog after so long of not posting is so sweet :)

Charlie ♥

i know, a new post! MADNESS!

Yeah, its for reals!
Tee - H&M
Shorts - Topshop
Wolf Hat -
Shoes - New Look
Just a simple little outfit for now :)
Sorry the pics are a bit shit, I got my new DSR but I have no photography skills whatsoever.
Charlie ♥