All American Girl

Okay...I'm getting slightly better at

I LOVE this parka. It's the perfect Spring/Autumn coat. It was just a plain old coat when I got it from River Island about a year ago, but I bought the two patches from eBay and stitched them on to make it look more military-ish.

Khaki Coat - River Island (Badges customised)

I ♥ NY Tee - eBay (Sleeves cut off)

Owl Ring - H&M

Love Bracelet - Topshop

Horse Bracelet - Vintage

Gothic Bracelet - Boutique

Thanks for the welcome backs btw! I know i've lost some people but to know that some people were still checking the blog after so long of not posting is so sweet :)

Charlie ♥


Jennifer said...

love the owl ring!!

Suyinsays said...

amazing - you look so gorgeous

come check out the 100th post!

MisS DakoTTA said...

Hiii !! I like your outfit!! It's simple, but the combination of colours is great!! I've got the same owl ring haha...and I've got to say that I really LOVE your american shorts from the post before of TOPSHOP!! Can you borrow me your shorts some day??hahahaha...


Georgie said...

Glad you're back to blogging! Love how you customised the tee and the parka.

elle said...

love the outfit & welcome back!

elle & the fashion folk

Hannah said...

I love American-inspired outfits, and this is no exception. I ♥ NY t-shirts work well with so many different looks :)

Would love it if you checked out my blog :)


Georgia said...

Oh hey again! Long time no see
It would be mine
Ooooh the jewelery (sp?) there!

isidora!!! said...

i love it, me encantó! me gusta mucho tu ropa y tu blog siempre que puedo veo tu blog (sorry i dont speak so much english) te veo en mi blog!


Isidora Novoa

Jessie said...

Love the owl ring :) super cute!


Lauren said...

Pretty outfit but your hair is the best bit :) DO NOT REDYE!!! Miss you xxxxx