Cosmic/nebula wedges!

If you're any kind of blogger or blog follower, you will have undoubtedly seen the cosmic/nebula wedges which became an instant web phenomenon throughout the fashion world. After completely falling in love with them, I found out they were around £120, and whatsmore, they weren't even on sale any more. I don't know who originally created them (despite extensive research) but I have to give credit for the excellent idea.

So these were hand painted by me, after buying some cheap wedges off of eBay. I'm not 100% happy with how they came out...the paint I bought was cheap crap (and I only had about 3 colours and one thick brush) and I finished them in about a day, but I think they look okay. Obviously I could never match the expertise that went into making the originals :(

Just thought i'd give them a share anyway, because even though they aren't nearly as good they did only cost me £30 overall (inc. the shoes, paints etc.) which is a saving of £90.

P.S. I'm starting uni on saturday and I can't to give these puppies their first outing...eeek!!

Charlie x

Link to eBay store up now!

SORRY - massive fail - forgot to put the link to my actual ebay page on the last post, haha!

Here it is - for future reference my eBay name is vampires-and-cardigans - easy enough to remember! :) <-- Check out this link for all the listings below!

eBay is back up!

I should have really told you about this sooner (sorry!), but i'm selling some old clothes on eBay that I don't wear anymore - trust me, with some of these it breaks my little heart to see them go, but I just have far too many to take to Uni and I need money! So if you want to have a gander and see if theres anything you like, these are just some of the things that are up there.

Just to warn you though, I am selling other more boring stuff, including my mums/sisters old clothes, so don't be freaked out, haha :)



Check back tomorrow for an AUSSIE COMPETITION/GIVEAWAY!

Pink Ombre Hair!

Yeah,! I love it sooo much, although its not pink anymore because I washed it out :( I'm thinking about doing it turquoise/lilac before uni, but for these I will be forced to actually bleach my hair, or the colour will come out muddy. Hmm! But can this trend last forreeeevvverrrrr please, I LOVE ombre hair, its so amazing!

I'm also wearing an outfit of some sort above, but didn't really get a good picture! :( This was at my friends 20th at a bar in Oxford Street, and actually it was wearing this outfit that I was stopped by a street fashion photographer for London Lite, very exciting!

I was wearing a cream sheer shirt from eBay, vintage high waisted Levi shorts, suspender tights and shoe boot wedge heels. I wish I had a proper picture because I really liked this outfit!

Charlie x
Army jacket - Urban Outfitters
Top - Allsaints
Shorts - Vintage Levis
Camera necklace - Camden Market
Shark Tooth Necklace - eBay
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Vintage eBay

Been meaning to do this post in a while! The lovely people from Aussie Hair recently sent me and other bloggers to get our hair done in London! However this came right slap bang in the middle of my exams, so I didn't have a chance to do a post on it. I also didn't have a camera, these are from Hannah!
You may have noticed my hair is ;) I dyed my hair lighter a while ago and my hair is completely different to this now, but at the hairdressers she toned it and trimmed it and it felt lovely afterwards, a real Aussie haircut! :) Please ignore my ugliness in these pics!

Some more posts coming up, including my new hair (which I think you're all going to love, if I do say so myself!) and my wedding outfit. Both are more exciting than they sound, trust me!

And heres a pic of my having some cocktailians with Hannah after getting our hair cut, at this amazing Hawaiian bar that Emma pointed us to!


Hey guys, I know i've been a bit shit recently (understatement of the century) and i've been getting a lot of comments and formspring questions about when/if i'm coming back.
I unofficially plan my glorious return to fashion blogging when I finish my exams, which is 17th June 2011.
Without boring you too much with my life story, I'm trying to get into Sussex University, but to do so I've had to take a Geography A Level at home, which I started in February, equating to a two year course being attempted in less than five months, haha. So since February I've clocked over 800 hours at the library (i'm not kidding, I worked it out)...oh god seeing it written down pretty much makes me realise what a total loser I am...fml.

ANYWHO, I got Aussie events, TONNES of new outfit posts (my past months as a social recluse has pretty much tripled my eBay buying...again, fml) and loads of new stuff on eBay (I lost my job so its going to be my only form of income LOL) coming up this summer, although I am going on a few holidays but it won't really impact too much, as I only post twice a week or so.

Anyway, if you got through this sad little essay of woe just know i've not disappeared off the planet...JUST SO YOU KNOW

Charlie x

P.s. I'm wearing my bear SpiritHood in the picture.. They've become a lot more popular with celebrities recently, so you've probably seen them around in mags etc. JUST KNOW I WAS FIRST. Cool.

Autumn Palette

I loveeeeeeeee autumn colours...burghundy, burnt orange, brown, maroon, mustard yellow...shame its winter, really.
Have to thank Emma of MilkTeef for introducing me to this amazziinnggg headband. It was ridiculously steep at £32 including p&p, but it posted very quickly and its very well made!

Bow Headband - Little Fille (
Shirt - Topshop
Belt - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Charlie xx

All American Girl

Okay...I'm getting slightly better at

I LOVE this parka. It's the perfect Spring/Autumn coat. It was just a plain old coat when I got it from River Island about a year ago, but I bought the two patches from eBay and stitched them on to make it look more military-ish.

Khaki Coat - River Island (Badges customised)

I ♥ NY Tee - eBay (Sleeves cut off)

Owl Ring - H&M

Love Bracelet - Topshop

Horse Bracelet - Vintage

Gothic Bracelet - Boutique

Thanks for the welcome backs btw! I know i've lost some people but to know that some people were still checking the blog after so long of not posting is so sweet :)

Charlie ♥

i know, a new post! MADNESS!

Yeah, its for reals!
Tee - H&M
Shorts - Topshop
Wolf Hat -
Shoes - New Look
Just a simple little outfit for now :)
Sorry the pics are a bit shit, I got my new DSR but I have no photography skills whatsoever.
Charlie ♥