Sup dawg

Went to Camden the other day, this is what I wore. Feeling too lazy to think of a creative title.

Top - eBay
Belt - Primark
Tights - Topshop
Shoes - VTG
Bag - Thrift
Camera Case - Camden Market

I look like a batty in these photos, but please don't judge me :)


FINALLY it feels good to be blogging again! I got my Spirit Hood today YAYYY and I love it! Sorry I look like a twat in the first couple of pictures, for some reason its really tempting to make an animal face when you're wearing this thing :)

A couple of downers on it though:
a) It probably wasn't worth what I paid for it. Which ended up being £130, including £80 for the scarf and £50 for P&P aswell as Customs charge. It's super cute though, so I don't regret it! Plus Spirit Hoods were really nice and hopefully will be able to sort something out with me over the £30 customs charge.
b) Lot of irritating, mean people have been taking the piss out of me/been annoyed at me for spending so much on it. But I never indulge myself, and I put this money aside to cheer myself up after exams. So I can spend my damn money how I want!

Some good things too...
a) Spirit Hoods is expanding to the UK, so I'll be able to get morrree muahahaa!
b) EVERYONE loves it! I don't even have to wear it up as a hood, for a more casual look, I wear it as a scarf with the hood hanging.
c) If you're in the US, its obviously not as expensive. And the half-hood equivalents are super cute and much cheaper.
d) OBVIOUSLY its fake fur, duh! I love animals - I don't wear them.

V&C Rating: 4 stars
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