Lacey Baby

Off to a barbeque! Sorry for weird colouring :) Omg I have a million things I need to say but I have to go...might add some stuff to this later...

Lace vest - Topshop
High waisted Shorts - Primark
Tights - Topshop
Wellies/Gumboots/Rainboots - Office
Bag - eBay

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Never trust the bottle!

So as you can see, I had an incident with a 'light mahogany-brown' hair dye. I look like an emo. Bad times :( It really doesnt suit me because of my light eyes! How lame.

Anywho, once again I am in a proper rush, out to get drunk :)

Boyfriend Cardi - eBay
Top - Topshop
Shorts - River Island
Tights - Topshop
Boots - Ugg Austrailia

Charlie ♥
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Take me out of here!

Back to good old bedroom pics. Couldn't be bothered to walk the dog, sorry.

Top - Primark
Cardigan - Charity shop
Shorts - Topshop
Stockings -
Brogues - New Look
Sunglasses - Portobello Market

Totally OBSESSED with Watercolour by Pendulum, if you haven't heard it yet check it on Youtube, it is a total eargasm!!!
Been totally freaked out recently, due to a few brushes with 'paranormal activity'. I don't believe in that bullcrap, but seriously freaky shit has been going on. Being woken by bangs which have no source, really weird horrible dreams, aching body parts when I wake up, and perhaps the scariest, a lovebite on my neck which has no source. (You can kind of see it in one of the pics) Weird right?

And finally, I am aware this is not a vlog. I did do it, but its just a practicey one as I didn't think about what I was going to put in it so it ended up being a lame 3 minutes dancing about in my ebay clothes LOL. I will do one when I get an idea for one :)

Love you long time!...that sounded totally non sexual.

Charlie ♥


Fashion Competition Finalists!

So here are the four finalists! Thanks to everyone who entered, I had around 20 entries, all of them amazing! It was really hard to choose 4 finalists but I just loved all of these outfits! Now all thats left is for you guys to vote! I've put up a voting box in the left sidebar at the top of the page, so please vote for your favourites! The vote box closes in a week, so choose your favourites now!

A very girly outfit, grunged up by the messy hair, heeled boots and amazing chained armband and necklace.


Two beautiful sketches of very different styles; on the left the oversized jumper and amazing Doc Martens makes a very on-trend outfit, and on the right nautical style shorts and gladiators for a simpler but still gorgeous look.



A grunge-meets-girly outfit, rocked up by holey stockings and suspenders. Accessorised with cute bracelets and amazing worker boots.


A cute nautical inspired top matched with a sweet white skirt with embroidery. Accessoried with gorgeous vintage-style red pumps.


So please get voting! There were so many more I wanted to include but its come down to just 4 girls, and I love all their styles! Please check out their blogs if you like what you see :) Sorry if you didn't win, but there will be more giveaways and competitions soon!

Thanks guys, new post on Monday!

Charlie ♥

Britain is well hung

Hey guys, about to go to dinner with my lovely friend Josie, so this will just be a quick one!

Vest top - Topshop

Tartan Shirt - Topshop

Shorts - Topshop

Tights - Topshop

Haha a very Topshop outfit! Sorry about my bra appearing there aswell whoops! Just incase you were wondering what the little black monster was that keeps appearing in my photos (No matter how hard I try to push her out :/) its my dog Holly, so I took a picture of her :) And my hair is HORRIBLE, it looks so split endy and mank, I apologise if you were eating while you saw the pictures.

The fashion competition closes tomorrow, so if you meant to do an entry and havent done so yet, you still have a chance! On Sunday i'm going to announce the finalists and put them up for the vote :) Aswell as revealing the prize!

And to all those in England who could've voted and didn't, nice one because we now have a hung parliment, which means we're f**ked. I'd pretty much lost faith in politics anyway, and this is just the kicker. Now theres going to be more corruption, dirty deals and negotiations while the country goes to pits. Oh, and Gordo is still in charge, even though Conservative won by over 2 million votes and 50 seats. Oh well, thats better news I voted for Green Party and they got their first ever seat, so thats good :)

Also one last thing, I just made a [twitter] account. I'm not sure about it yet, but I like doing about 6 facebook status updates a day and i'm sure my friends get irritated, so this will probably be better :) Would be nice to have some followers to encourage me though! Follow me, and just maybe you might get a laugh out of my antics. Or my stereotypical British sarcasm. Or not. Whatever. Right now i'm a loser with like one follower, so let me know if you have a twitter and i'll check it out :)


Charlie ♥

Can't be tamed

Hey I know I posted yesterday but I hated what I was wearing so I did another one today :)

Oversized leopard print jumper - Primark
Denim Shorts - River Island
Tights - Topshop
Boots - eBay
Bag - Charity shop

I'm undecided about the jumper...too tacky? Just the right amount of tack? Let me know what you think :)
Also can you guys let me know if all my pictures appear stretched to you? I think its because I have a wide screen laptop but whenever I upload pictures it squashes them so my legs look stubby and hideous so I lengthen them out to their normal size, but I dont know how this affects people who have thinner width screens. Thanks!

Charlie ♥

Yes my title is about Miley Cyrus, yes I am lame :)

Marlin's adventures under the sea

My lovely friend Louise and I went to London Aquarium today. Sorry the pics are a bit blurry as you shouldn't use flash on the animals :)

Blue striped dress - New Look

Cardigan - New Look

Grey bodycon skirt - Topshop

Grey socks - Primark

Doc Martens - eBay

Nothing of interest to say today, sorry this post isnt very exciting, did a bit of shopping after we went to the aquarium, so I will do picks with my amazing new buys :)

Charlie x

(Fashion competition still open for a little while - theres still time to enter!)

He wrote in the dust with his finger; '2+2=5'

Please excuse my hideousness in these pics, I'll take some more tomorrow, EURGH. I don't really like this outfit very much either, I put it together in like 10 minutes!
Oh shit I need to go I'm supposed to be at work now, i'll probably do another post tomorrow to replace these uglies.

Nautical Dress - New Look
Studded Jumper - Boutique
Tights - Primark
Shoes - River Island

Been contemplating the importance of democracy recently, especially with the general election coming up in the UK. I'm so conflicted; my town is very Conservative, but they plan to reinstate the hunting ban. Then theres Lib Dem, and I can just tell that though Clegg says all the right stuff, hes secretly a little snake. Gahhhhh
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