Outfit post ♥

I'm a dirty liar! Sorry didn't do a post yday, was sooooooo tired just collapsed into bed after getting home. I'm about to do the same now so i'll make this quick!

You'll notice for a start that these aren't polaroids, partly because im too lazy but also because i thought it might be getting annoying? Please let me know which you prefer!

Okay so I got this cute denim jacket (from Primark of all places) and I layered it over the top of a little blue lace dress I got from one of the New Look Boutiques which are only in the larger stores. I wore my scarf because it was freezing today, I love these flower ones which have started going around, although I know not everyone is a fan! I wanted to keep it simple because there was a lot going on, so I wore my military boots from eBay.

Too tired to write anymore, i'll catch you guys later! ♥

Topshop Unique! ♥

You've probably realised by now that I have VERY little patience for real fur on the catwalk, I'm all behind PETA on that one. HOWEVER, I was very interested in the amazing line up for the Topshop Unique catwalk, the first High Street brand to make it to LFW! And I'm sure the high street will provide some more ethical, high street equivalents :)

Normally I must admit, I'm not that interested in the catwalk. Although it provides good inspiration sometimes, normally real life high street outfits are much more exciting. I've never really got the whole catwalk thing.

Anywho, you know how much I love animal motifs and Topshop Unique was themed around them! All the catwalk models came out with wild bushy hair and eyebrows, and with animal horns on their heads. I especially love the wooly patterned tights and the colour scheme of brown/beige and navy!

I probably won't be doing this again as I dont like catwalks, but this is just a one off exception for my beloved Topshop :)

Outfit post tonight, so check back lovelies! ♥

Outfit post ♥

Hey sexy peopleeeeees :) Another crazy outfit for the weather, but I was inside so I only had to run from the car :) Was regretting this when I went out for a cigarette though...:/
So I'm wearing a black black tank top from Topshop, and the skirt from Hollister I mentioned before. Grey stockings are from Primark and worker boots from eBay. The blue wooly cardi is from eBay and is an Abercrombie look-alike, and only for £4! Love it!

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Also did anyone hear about the trainer who was killed by an Orca at SeaWorld Orlando? I hate SeaWorld and I think its disgusting that they keep such large mammals in such small tanks, so to me this was tragic but inevitable. Just wondering if anyone else had any opinions on this ♥

hair dye is a wonderful thing

I'm a ginge! I had done red before but it faded out and I was too lazy to redo it, but I finally got around to it! I'd muchmuchmuch rather be blonde but since I can't, I want to at least have hair that stands out, rather than my usual mousey brown :| This was such a random day. My friend was stressed out about something so we went to the zoo a half hour away from us. I love the zoo, though I haven't been for at least a couple of years! Sorry about the dodgy quality pics, I would have done my polaroid special, but cba :)
I would have done an outfit post, but my outfit was pretty much the same as the other day as its the warmest! I will do an outfit post tomorrow, promiseeeee :) ♥
For now, enjoy my few select favourites of the day!


Yes, this zoo had dinosaurs.

Outfit post ♥

Hellllooo lovelies, a more casual look today as I just went to college :) I'll start by saying please excuse my obesity and horrible side profile pic, was in a huge rush as i'm going out in a tic!
Soo the floral top is from Topshop, the beige hoodie from New Look and the khaki jacket, of course, from River Island. The grey stockings are Primark dealies and the gorg pochahontus fringed shoes from Primark too :)

My flower hairclip is from Accessorise, its so cute! And I added something extra, the ring and necklace I wear every day. Name necklaces are big right now, i've had this one since my eighteenth birthday and it was about £200, but there are some cheaper ones knocking around I'm sure! (Sorry about the green colour lol but you get the idea!)

Lovelovelove! ♥
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the lovely bones ♥

This is a very OT post, but I had to share how amazing I thought this movie was :)

I'm too tired to do an outfit post tonight, but tomorrow definitely...although now half term is officially over, I have to return to work mode :(
Anyway, so this movie is set in the seventies, and I have to take a minute to get back on topic and to say I love seventies movies, because the clothes were so cute! Especially the grandma, she had style! ♥
I especially loved watching 'The Boat that Rocked' (have you seen it?) set in the sixties because the clothes were so fab - I got a lot of inspiration!

Anyway, back to the movie. I won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it, but it was so beautiful. I went with my two friends - who are consequently going out - and I was in tears for some of it. The limbo-style heaven she lives in is amazing. I wasn't expecting the murder part to be so...I won't say graphic, but a bit detailed for my liking, and some of this ruined the movie, but then, I guess the book was detailed.
Saorise Ronan, who plays Suzie, has the most incredible blue eyes that I was searing with jealousy over the whole film. For a 15 year old girl, hell she can act. She was also in Atonement (another one of my favourites) and was so good in that aswell.
Once we were out of the cinema, my friend Sam (being a typical male) disrupted the people leaving by announcing it was the worst film he'd seen (well, a bit more graphic than that) I think because, to be fair, in a film version the plotline seemed a bit weaker and some things didn't transcribe well into cinema. If you haven't read the novel, I HIGHLY recommend it, if you did or didn't like the movie.
Anywhoo, I don't know if anyone will even be interested in this as it has nothing to do with fashion, but I'll probably take to doing a few more of these OT posts, as I want this blog to be more personal than others are. And I did mention clothes at least once!
Lovelovelove ♥

a moan dedicated to abercrombie and fitch.

I may do an outfit post later when I get back from the cinema (seeing the lovely bones!!! =]=]) but for now i need to have a moan.
So I bought the A&F hoodie, I chose this one in the end:
Isnt it gorg? Only problem is, I ended up getting a medium as I was told the small was a 4-6 and a medium is a 8-10. If this is not correct I will kill someone :
AND apparently they 'frown upon' returns. And return postage is like $30, which is a big sack of BS as ive posted things to America before and it does NOT cost that much. Are they seriously trying to discourage me from buying their products or what???

I felt seeing as I was moaning about A&F, I might as well tell you about my horrible experience with Hollisters in Westfields, London the other day.

So it looks amazing from the outside, I dunno if you've seen, but I was like WOW when I first saw it...

Okay I just looked and I can't find a picture, but it draws your attention. So first, we decided to stroll on in, where a beautiful halfcast guy with an afro guarded the door. Just as we were about to walk by him, he puts out his hand and stops us. He tells us to wait in the que, and when I look around my face drops as I realise there is a que curling around the corner, JUST TO GET IN THE SHOP. We qued up anyway, as my friend really wanted to get in, and ended up having a good 40 minutes wait, I kid you not.
EVENTUALLY we get in, and I feel momentarily lost when I discover it is pitch black inside. Seriously. I had to claw my way around, and caught my hip on the displays more than once.
I found this super cute skirt (which I'll put on a future post) but I had no way of telling the colour. I actually stood under a spotlight and held it up to try and see, but I actually couldn't :
Nor could I try it on, because despite it being a shop which accomadates a lot of people, it seems to have only one changing room. Brill. Don't really fancy another half hour wait thanks.
It was £45, so I took the risk. I ended up searching the shop for 10 minutes to find a mirror, which convieniently was located squashed in a corner behind an armchair with about 6 people fighting for space, and I held it up against myself.
I decided to buy, and after another speedy 30 minute wait, I arrived at one of the three tills, only one of which was accomadated by a member of staff. Apparently all that standing around and looking sexy is much more important.
The girl who was serving me was talking to another girl staff, who apparently had nothing better to do, despite the fact there was a long que and empty tills. They clearly had rubber for brains, the crap they were going on about, and it took her ages to serve me as she was obviously distracted.

I escaped, just, with my skirt, after a mere 2 hours inside the claustrophobic shop :)
So Abercombie clothes = *****
Abercrombie shop/customer service department/website = *
That was a rant and a half, haha. I hope to God my hoodie is super hot.

Have any of you been to Abercrombie or Hollister shops? Am I the only one who was pissed off by this experience?


Today was another casual one, I just went shopping for a bit. I've got a brown studded jumper from this boutique called Virgo, and my jeggings from H&M. I'm wearing my brogues (♥) and this cute vintage style scarf from ASOS.
I was just sitting down to upload the pictures when my cat barges in and demands attention, practically sitting on my laptop :L So I took a picture to apease him.

Yes, I am shamelessly listening to Glee on Youtube :) Only a few of my English friends are really that into it, but if there are any Yanks about, you must know what I mean when I say I'm obsessed???
Sorry they're all funny colours, I didnt have time to edit properly. I gotta go, my bath is about to overflow!!! ARGHHHHH