Sup dawg

Went to Camden the other day, this is what I wore. Feeling too lazy to think of a creative title.

Top - eBay
Belt - Primark
Tights - Topshop
Shoes - VTG
Bag - Thrift
Camera Case - Camden Market

I look like a batty in these photos, but please don't judge me :)


*jules said...

LUUUURVING the colour scheme of the outfit and the way you've styled it! Gorgeous top and lovely photos :3 xxxx

heartshapedbruise. said...

I used to have a bag that looks EXACTLY the same as that one.. is yours originally from New Look, do you know?

I loved that bag! In fact, I'm going to have to attempt to dig it out.. Thanks for reminding me of its existence :)

Leia Bee said...

Love the oxford shoes and the gorgeous galaxy top

Julie said...

Oh wow I love this outfit! Especially the top! xx

agent 0017 said...

the top is fantastic! so is the beatles shoulder bag
very nice :)

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love this outfit, you killed it!

Fashion Wh0re said...

Charlie I love your outfit that top is really pretty.

-The Fashion Wh0re

Victoria India said...

Best outfit i've seen in ages! I want your top!!! Im now following you btw :) xo

Dreaming of the Irrational said...

ooo i love the tights and the shoes!!!!
looks lovely!

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Lara - Elain said...

I love your shoes and the tights are amazing too,great outfit!

Check my blog too ;)

Niki said...

Love your bag and shoes!

sahara. said...

ok im going to be totally predictable and comment on your top.
but holy shit. its amazing.


Pippa said...

I cant believe that top is primark! It looks like a Christopher Kane for Topshop dont you think??
Love the brogues too :) Jealous! <3

isidora!!! said...

a really good outfit! i love the beatles bag!!

me encanta tu blog es demasiado beno !! saludos

Sanouchka said...

I love your look! The tights are perfect're so damn beautiful!

Cherry Pullinger said...

Love the brogues and the tights!

apple said...

what an amazing outfit!


Love your shirt! Beautiful colors

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Lucy said...

Hellooo! Glad I found you because I think you were the girl with the purple aussie roo logo on your cheek at the aussie market?
I've popped you in my post which ive finally done :)

I LOVE your tshirt! What a great find. Loving the look of your blog so im going off to read more hehe

e l i s a b e t h said...

GORGEOUS outfit. the top is soo pretty