Needless to say, exam day did NOT go well. Some important news!

If you're ever planning on visiting London/England then this is definitely on the list of stops for anyone who loves fashion. Infact, even if you don't, its pretty incredible to just turn up, wander around, get some thai food, that sort of thing!

The market is definitely a sight to behold, I literally spent a whole weeks paycheck there within a few hours. Not to say its expensive - the Topshop-style clothes are very cheap!

I was going to show you my purchases, but one of the tops are in the wash so i'll wait for my next post :) These are pics me and my friend took. You can totally tell who has the good camera, right?

In some other personal news...

So the titles a little bit of a lie, my results were good and I was really pleased with them, but I didn't get into my Unis and I got into nowhere through clearing. So I'm officially here for another year! (If you did need to know the horrible details, they're on my formspring. I felt it a bit tedious to type out my life story on the blog)

The way you can view this is as a good or bad thing. The good thing is, there will still be a post every 2/3 days as I imagined when I got to Uni i'd be put off by adjusting/partying/work etc. As you can imagine the last week i've been headless-chickening trying to sort stuff out!

Posts are coming back to regular v soon, for the entire year, but obviously I needed that little break. To be honest i've been wandering around with no makeup and spontaneously bursting into tears anyway, and thats not particularly attractive for photo taking.

This also gives me time to a) Actually start my eBay/blogshop (Which will be very soon) and b) Save up that money to buy a proper camera, a D3000 (like kavitas from iheartvintagex) which means better quality pics and more of them!

Sorry for boring-ness, but I thought I should explain, seeing as I've lost two followers in the last week!


Steph0188 said...

Hello hunny, the photos look amazing!
Im ashamed to say I've never been there, so I think it's a must very soon.
Sorry to hear about Unis, glad you are staying positive though
lots lof love

heartshapedbruise. said...

Those photos are great - really portray Camden well :)

I've been a few times over the years, but most recently was only the other week. I randomly booked a coach up to London on my own & spent the day just going wherever I fancied! I spent ages wandering around Camden - didn't actually buy all that much (pretty hard to do!), but really enjoyed just wandering around & taking it all in.

I'm sorry that life's not going to plan at the moment for you.. believe me, I know that feeling!
Glad to see that you're bearing the positives in mind - that's what you've gotta stay focused on :)

Jessie said...

Looks amazing! Id love to go!

Sorry everything didnt work out, I am sure its for the best. Life always seems to find a way to surprise us.


Emma Jade said...

I LOVE camden!! These photos make me miss it! Thankfully I'll be moving back next year! :)

Georgie said...

Camden looks amazing! I've always wanted to go.

Miri said...

Love the look of the market! Its on my to visit list for whenever I can manage to get back to London!

It sucks things didn't work out, but maybe it happened for a reason? Chin up Charlie :)


LadyBugSays ... said...

I love Camden, haven't been for a few years though :( Every cloud has a silver lining and im sure things will work out!

lauren said...

You are so doing amazingly well Charlotte, and you took some incredible photos! I miss you gorgeous, we should meet up soon! All my love, lauren xxxx

Fashion Wh0re said...

Cool pictures charlie..Just stopping by to say Hi since I haven't been on your blog in a while (blogging break). Anyway have a great day

-The Fashion Wh0re

The Fashion Cloud said...

I just wanted to let ou know that I have featured you in my latest trend post:

Hope you enjoy it


ps: great post and loving the pictures

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Forever Petite said...

I love to shop in Camden <3


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Ilona de Vries said...

great photo's