He wrote in the dust with his finger; '2+2=5'

Please excuse my hideousness in these pics, I'll take some more tomorrow, EURGH. I don't really like this outfit very much either, I put it together in like 10 minutes!
Oh shit I need to go I'm supposed to be at work now, i'll probably do another post tomorrow to replace these uglies.

Nautical Dress - New Look
Studded Jumper - Boutique
Tights - Primark
Shoes - River Island

Been contemplating the importance of democracy recently, especially with the general election coming up in the UK. I'm so conflicted; my town is very Conservative, but they plan to reinstate the hunting ban. Then theres Lib Dem, and I can just tell that though Clegg says all the right stuff, hes secretly a little snake. Gahhhhh
Charlie ♥


liyana said...

it looks fine to me, i love it :):)


holly said...

i love your style so much! i'm too young to vote but i like the conservatives (:,X

Jenn said...

that top is amazing!


fashionjunkie said...

Love your jumper and brogues! I know what you mean about Clegg, it's like he's saying all the things we want to hear, but do we really know what he's like? I don't think i'll be voting conservatives though. Great blog anyway, i love your background.


annabelle said...

know what you mean about conservatives. i've been loving your updates for a while now, and now that i've just started fashion blogging i've added your link to my favourite reads. annabelle x

Sarah said...

I think you look gorgeous in these pics soo sshhh. I love the brogues!


Charly said...

Aw I think these pics look really good, I lovee the shoes and studded jumper so cute! Also I am getting majoorly confused about who to vote for tooo, in this months elle they interviewed all three and Nick Clegg sooo couldn't be bothered to answer the questions at all, I wasn't impressed!hehex



Ariel said...

Really like your hair in this, it looks perfectly messy and I love fishtail braids! xx

Melissa said...

Your braid is adorable <3
& I have a skirt, kind of like yours ;D I wore it last week, but I have yet to make an outfit post out of it D:

xx, Melissa
I love your header, btw!

{ I V Y } said...

lovely! cute style!

Sarah said...

You look gorgeous! And I really do love your outfit! I'd also like to add that I love how your hair gets darker near the bottom and I am so jelous of that braid! So cute! xx

Felicia Marcellina said...

cool post! ah, shoes. i love it. =)
you're working?

Melissa said...

gorgeous photos! love the fishtail plaits :)

i left you an award on my blog :)


Lauren said...

Charliiie <3

You look lovely my dear :) That nautical dress is lush.

I've just been reading your 'About Me' section and you do make me chuckle.

Haha "I'm a cheapskate and plan on staying that way thanks!"
Hahaha LOVE it.


Stace said...

oh so gorgeous! what do you mean, hideousness??

love the studs and stripes :)


Miri said...

Ahhh we always have some really bad outfit/photo days. Hope you got to work on time!!

Don't forget to check back at my blog tomorrow for a super amazing giveaway for ALL my readers =)


Lucy said...

I love your t-shirt!! It looks really great!!

Life is better with Converse said...

very nice!! Love that!!!


Life is better with Converse said...

very nice!! Love that!!!


A.Co said...

That's such a cute sweater - love the sleeves!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

xoLauraox09 said...

Awh, your(?) dog is so cute!
I love your jumper <3
Love the title of the post <3
Love the last picture of your feet and your dogs paw :D
x x x x


Cafe Fashionista said...

How could you not love this ensemble? You look absolutely amazing - I'm especially loving your jumper! And your legs...ohmigosh they are so long! You are gorgeous!! :)

bloo. said...

amazing ! ♥


Jony said...

Great outfit!

You have a lovely blog, keep up the good work!

K. said...

FANTASTIC BLOG. Kudos to you for having a super inspiring look. Definitely will be keeping an eye on your upcoming outfits.

TheStrawberryFields said...

Gorgeous jumper its a cool style with the skirt,just stumbled across your blog its pretty cool.
I'll be voting Labour im a Scot we dont vote the Tories,or i hope we dont lol.

Nmx said...

love this little outfit. just found your blog today... following you now!

H A N N A H ♥ said...

charlieee you look AMAZING here, especially in the first pic. so beautiful! & I love what you're wearing :)

we must set a date for the photoshoot soon otherwise we're all so unorganised we'll never get it done lol! xxxx

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

love your blog..having a sneak at all your posts :)

this title wouldn't be from related to George Orwell? 1984, if so, awesome, my fav book =]