Can't be tamed

Hey I know I posted yesterday but I hated what I was wearing so I did another one today :)

Oversized leopard print jumper - Primark
Denim Shorts - River Island
Tights - Topshop
Boots - eBay
Bag - Charity shop

I'm undecided about the jumper...too tacky? Just the right amount of tack? Let me know what you think :)
Also can you guys let me know if all my pictures appear stretched to you? I think its because I have a wide screen laptop but whenever I upload pictures it squashes them so my legs look stubby and hideous so I lengthen them out to their normal size, but I dont know how this affects people who have thinner width screens. Thanks!

Charlie ♥

Yes my title is about Miley Cyrus, yes I am lame :)


Charly said...

The jumper isn't tacky aat all lovely, and the plaits really cute!


lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

I like your jumper, and you can definitely pull it off!
And yes your pictures are stretched on my computer!!


heartshapedbruise. said...

I'd say the jumper is definitely the right side of tacky! I think the almost faded print keeps it edgy, if that makes sense.

Woo spotty tights - I recently got some spotty tights & love them! Although they got very mixed reviews when I wore them - my students at school loved them but my family didn't get it at all.. & my 15 month old nephew found it entertaining poking the spots..


Brunch girls said...
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Brunch girls said...

The pictures our fine on our computer. We just spent an hour searching your blog for this jumper, until we realized that's a sweater haha. But no, not tacky, it's great!

Fashion Wh0re said...

Pictures are fine on my laptop.... i dont think its tacky i like the outfit and the boots are cute too...

Mode Junkie said...

omg, love this outfit babe. so rad. but it looks soo effortless. in love.

ps: thanks for the amazing comment on my shoe closet post.


Sophie said...

Photos look fine on my laptop too. Realy like the outfit. You're so pretty! You look really tall as well? Jealous. x - fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Felicia Marcellina said...

can't be tamed. lovely tight and top.
just one question.
is that a dog or something in the first picture?
the black one.

Felicia Marcellina said...

i see. =)wanna exchange links?

Melissa said...

your jumper looks soo comfy and soft, haha! i love your bag! :)


Holly said...

definitely awesome! so much character in those tights and boots.

meg said...

so clever. not many could pull this off..maybe Kristen Stewart.

xoLauraox09 said...

Love your jumper; just the right amount of tack :) ha
I LOVE your little picture on the side saying 'fashion without fur'. I 100% agree!!
And the pictures don't look stretched to me
x x x x


Such a super nice outfit!
and your very very pretty!

ps:I'm a new follower.


Julie said...

I really like that outfit, and your boots are gorge!


Lucy said...

I love your boots!! Great outfit.

Sheray-Amy said...

Love the jumper, the stockings and the boots. Love your blog too, cute title.
♥ Sheray.

Little Birds Words said...

I have Boot Envy !! Loving your Blogs :D


Follow me ;-)

H A N N A H ♥ said...

LOVE this! just the right amount of tack :)
it's actually one of my faves of all your outfits!

thanks for your comment btw - it made me laugh! though I don't know why I'm laughing as we really are fucked... bad times!



H A N N A H ♥ said...

oh, and PS, henry holland told me yesterday that he's a huge miley cyrus fan and loves that song. he even sang me a few lines really badly! haha! so you're not lame at all :)

WENCH said...

Errr in what universe could your legs look stumpy? You're tiny missy!

Loving the outfit.

Cafe Fashionista said...

The way you've styled that jumper is phenomenal. In fact, everything about this ensemble is phenomenal - the jumper, the tights, the boots, the denim shorts. I. Love. It. All!! :)

Kirsty said...

Too damn gorgeous! I wish I could pull off a look like thins... I wish i had your effortless style to be fair haha! Yeah the images are a little stretched on mine... It's the trouble really it's going to look different on everyone's :/ xx

Athena_Trendsetter said...

Awesome outfit, great blog!
Loves it <3

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