Photoshoot, Outfit Post and Wishlist

Well first of all I'll start with this photoshoot pic...the concept was the theme of 'dolls' and apart from the annoyingness that I now have a tan, and this would have looked amazing when I was pale, I think they turned out pretty good. I decided to enter it in a competition by [Annabella], and you guys should really check it out. Click [here] to have a look at the competition.

This is my chicken Saffron, who was walking by as I was taking pics so I dragged her in them :) I didn't want to just do an outfit post with this cause I'm wearing a similar outfit to before which is a bit boring :)

Grandad Jumper - Vintage
Wayfarers - Portobello Market
Stockings - Primark
Cowboy boots - Vintage
Bag - Topshop

Annnndddd finally, this months wishlist :) It makes me depressed just looking at them, I am way to poor to be browsing Topshop :(
And I'm desperate for some mock-hold ups, but they're about £20 and I know I'm going to tear them after like one it worth it?
Theyre all very pastel and summery, I've really embraced the pastels trend which I wasn't expecting as I'm generally quite a bright person :)
Giveaway winners announced on Sunday! :) ♥


Charly said...

I managed to do a DIY mock stock, suspenders and stockings under regular black tights. Didn't look exactly the same as Henry Holland, but I thought it looked pretty god!Pics in my last night post back in Jan, hope this helps lovely!


Stace said...

love the mock hold ups and the straw hat! gorgeous photos and cute chicken too :)


little shadow said...

Ahh, those photos are so cool. I love the concept!
Cute blog x

Julie said...

Your eyes are soo blue! gorgeousss.

+ i love your chicken lmao!


Melissa said...

i love the 'doll' photo! you have amazing eyes! love your boots too!!


xoLauraox09 said...

Love the doll photo! <3
And the chicken is so cute and funny. I wish I had a chicken :D
Where did yo get your bag? Its lovely.

Kara said...

gorgeous photos, and the mock tights - worth it worth it worth it!

the majority of them is thick material which would be really difficult to ladder anyway, just got to watch out for the top part but they are well made so you should be fine if your careful:) xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

So your photo shoot went amazingly well. I was just about to say you looked like a doll when I realized that was exactly what you were aiming for - fabulous!

I adore your cowboy boots; and the apeparance of Saffron. I had a pet turkey for a few years. Her name was Pearl; but she passed away some time ago. :/

ChYmEc!nDy** said...

i love the first photo.

Fashion By He said...

love the picture!!! you have awesome eyes

want to exchange lnks?


sophie said...

i really love the vintage jumper, its really cute.

Chelsea Robbins said...


{i'm hosting a give a way on my blog!}

have a great weekend!

Stevie Georgina said...

I really love the jersey and demin jacket and the leotard on your wishlist :) You have amazing taste! Love the outfit you're wearing too :) xx

annabella said...

Love love love it. Thank you! x

H A N N A H ♥ said...

You look amazing as always, and like I said in your last post I'm actually in love with your jumper! haha! Love the addition of the chicken too :P

and wowwww GORGEOUS photo - how did you take it, did you use a special camera? It's so completely flawless!

& finallyyyy to answer your question about the tattoo, it's because there's 4 of us in my family and we've been through so much together. You wouldn't believe it! So it's to remind me how much I love them and how important family is, really.



Jessie said...

Love your style!! so cute!!


kirstyb said...

lol the chicken made me giggle. love the jumper xxx

Lori said...

that jumper is so cute, love your bag as well!

Lauren Hockey said...

Stunning picture, the make up is amazing! And that wishlist is everything I am craving right now - trilby's, denim, pastels, summer dresses!
Thank you for following and your comments :)
Lauren xx.

ohmywacki said...

your blog is so cute! i love wishlist and the big jumper :)

Sophie said...

I like your blog a lot:)
All of those photos are just amazing♥

i follow you!

Embodying Fashion said...

You have such a unique style, love thoes boots!

Mode Junkie said...

such a cute jumper! and i love the boots + socks!


Iva said...

very cute outfit!!!

Laura said...

I'm loving the look! The first photo is really cute - I love doing lips like that (^__^)

Alexa♥ said...

I like your hair and your chicken haha :)