London's 'Koko's' club

This is from a little while ago which is why I look a bit different but I liked this outfit :) I was wearing my brogues but forgot to take a pic with them in it. If you don't live in London/haven't heard of Kokos night club its a pretty edgy place in Camden, which is why i'm dressed down and I wore flats. Its so incredible, its one of my favourite clubs ever. Here's some pics I found of it as I didnt take many good ones (speaking of bad pictures, someone can explain to me why all these pictures are purple LOL)

Its a refurbished theatre, its SO amazing, you can go everywhere, in the boxes and on the different floors, and each floor has a bar where the seats used to be! On Fridays its mainly live bands and then afterwards they place really good indie dance music :)

If you havent entered the fashion competition in the post below this one DO IT NOW! Especially if you have a blog where you post outfits, it won't take you two seconds! :)

Charlie ♥


annabelle said...

koko's IS amazing, and i adore your outfit. really simple but beautiful, i like your taste!X

Julie said...

Cute outfit!

hmm, if i go to london any time soon i'll try remember to check out Koko's!


Jessie said...

Love this outfit!!! You look great!!


Felicia Marcellina said...

cool. no it's awright.
great outfit.
i should try visiting kokos when i got to London. :)

Melissa said...

What a cool looking club! Oh how I hate being underaged..
Love your jacket too!

xx, Melissa

sophie said...

i really love your outfit, especially the blazer♥

A.Co said...

Sweet blazer!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, this truly sounds like the most fantastic venue. I imagine I would spend every Friday night there - the atmosphere sounds amazing! :)

Amy said...

Love the outfit and the club looks amazing, I could live there :)

coolboy said...

this is georgeous outfits looks very cool i love it

kirstyb said...

fantastic post you look gorge xxxx

SabinePsynopsis said...

What a great location! + superpretty outfit.

Melissa said...

that looks like a great place to go!!
love the blazer!


bloo. said...

you look pretty !


T.Hazel said...

So cool !