Forest Photoshoot

Hey guys, sorry I didn't do a post yesterday, but I hope this makes up for it! My friend Lauren does photography and we went on a little adventure in Epping forest (which is next to where I live) and she took some pics. I asked her to do some for my blog, so here you go, dont say I dont spoil you :)

Brown Cardigan - France
Grey Sleeveless Cardigan - H&M
Dress - Topshop boutique
Necklace - Primark
Stockings - Primark
Dr Martens - eBay
Jane Shilton Bag - eBay

And guys, please take part in my [fashion competition], its got a really great prize but I wanted to keep it a secret! I've only got about 12 entries so far, but seeing as over half of you have fashion blogs its a bit disappointing! Click on the link in the sidebar or scroll down for the comp, please take part, the more entries, the more fun! I'm choosing 6 finalists in about a week or so and then putting them to the vote, so hurry and get your entries in!

Also hey to all my new followers! If you have a blog let me know about it in the comments section so I can check it out! Charlie ♥


Jenn said...

this is a gorgeous outfit!


Sarah said...

The second picture is my favourite! Such a cute outfit! xx

Julie said...

I swear a book I had to read had epping forest in it... i remember something about a girl getting it on with a teacher/father (not hers) and they left the sleeping baby a few metres away, and it was next to some road? who knows lmao..

I love your outfit, all the colours go really well. and your shoes are gorgee. i love the print of your dress!


Lauren said...

Charlie, you look stunning babe. Loving those florals, and those boots! Wowza!

I'm a huuuge fan of 'Romper Stompers' as I call them :)

I love the necklace too. Very vintage-y looking!


wand_included said...

i love your style :)
you put outfits together really well!!!


holly said...

i love your style and hair so much! your very pretty (:,X

Lauren said...

Gorgeous photos sweet! The Doc Martens look amazing! xxx.

Lauren xx.

steph0188 said...

Love this, you look AMAZING!! I;m in love with that floral bag too!
gorgeous girlie

rebecca said...

Oooh, I used to live in Woodford Green (kinda near Chingford). Epping Forest is actually beautiful :)
And I have about a billion pairs of those socks from Primark in grey and black, they're just the right length, and not £13 like the ones in American Apparel.

Miri said...

Thats so great your friend takes photos for you! xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

I so adore this look on you - the way you've mixed a floral dress with boots is just fantastic. You always look so incredibly gorgeous in your pictures!! :)

xoLauraox09 said...

Wow, I LOVE this outfit on you ! <3
Lovely photoshoot :)
x x x x

Fashion Wh0re said...

Aww great pics i love your outfit and the doc martens are cute...

WENCH said...

I just found your blog off of befrassy and I totally love it!! It's the most interesting one I've found so far.

Love your outfit its amazing. I really need to get my pink docs out now I've seen this <3.

Sophie Lewis said...

Heyy, I've just discovered your blog and I love it! Whereabouts in London are you from? I adore this outfit by the way.

Come check out my blog if you want, How have you got so many followers in such little time?! amazing! x

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

absolutly unique!!! fatastic!!!

Deepali said...

Great outfit, love the print on the bag!

TheStrawberryFields said...

I love dresses teamed with boots,i do it myself as well.It gives it such a versatile look and edge.