OUTFIT POST ♥ & my most controversial look to date?

Regardless of whether or not you like this look, I had the funnest day everrrrrr wearing these out! I got some old grandads and grannies giving me disapproving looks, some guys I know saying I looked hot but they were a bit 'shocked' and some girls saying they kind of liked it, but "how on Gods EARTH could you wear that in public?" Oh, and the icing on this delicious cake was my mother sitting me down and saying I looked like a slut, and that as a 'non slutty girl' I shouldn't attract the attention of old men (as I do). Thank you mother for your delightful comments, it has done nothing but make me want to wear them morrreeee hahahaaa!

And, dear mother, if you're so sure I look like a slut, riddle me this: how is it that if I had gone out today with BARE LEGS I would have not gotten the same response? Surely the more classy thing to do would be to add MORE clothes, rather to take them away? :)

Of course I was inspired by this look from both Hannah of London--Rose, and by some photos of Lily Allen and Taylor Momsen. Both have either sported the full-on look, or the 'mock hold-up' tights. I was a bit dissapointed that the older generation have dubbed this trend 'unclassy'. I don't actually find a thing wrong with this look, and I don't understand why people do. When I first saw this look I didn't think OMG straight away, I just thought it was a bit unusual, so obviously im just a weirdo :) Yes, walking outdoors in your bra and pants with stockings and suspenders is unclassy, but worn right, they look HOT. I really want this to take off so I can shove it in some peoples faces haha!

Either way, I'm kind of an 'attention seeker' when it comes to fashion and I thank these little beauties for making life in a small town MUCH MORE INTERESTING. Seriously, when did everyone get so damn boring! Live a little you grannies! Godddddddddddd

I really dont get why people have such a problem with it, when some stupid bimbo Essex girls can go out on the weekends dressed like baby prostitutes. Anyway, what do YOU think? Would you wear this yourself? Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know! ♥


Sarah said...

I love this look, Taylor momsen works them just right. good for you to wear them out. You look amazing


Kara said...

i love them, would definitely wear them on a night out! infact i have seen these worn a few times in the past month or so, must ask where did you get them? following :) xx

Sarah said...

oh and i just nominated you for an award on my blog.

x xx

Hannah ♥ said...

I seriously love this so much, I'm really glad I inspired you :)
& how you paired the stockings with the striped dress & worker boots is perfection!



such.is-jaHnice said...

LOVE it.
I dont understand why the oldies and even some youngens dont like this look? I mean its not like your walking around with your lady bits sticking out.
It suites you, I personally would definitely wear this out during the day or night.
LOL @ attention seeker, fuck yeah im the same haha .. who cares if its an old man or a boy, attention is attention haha ;) doesnt mean your a slut, your only a slut if you go way to far with the attention .. but having people stare and causing controversy is amazing !
Keep it up darling


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Love your pairing of the stockings and those boots!

apple said...

personally i think there is something really sexy about knee highs and suspenders. pretty much a staple in my closet.


apple said...

forgot to say..
link exchange?

coolboy said...

in our society some times we have to listen our parents

mostly people like to insult others by seeing our clothes

i think for attracting people
we must be funky if our dressing sense is funky people looks us,

keep smiling by seeing ur smile people follows you


Melissa said...

i love the look! and i think you made a very good point about the bare legs too ;)



xoLauraox09 said...

You look really amazing!
Esp. the boots ! :)
Lovin this blog !


heartshapedbruise. said...

Wow! Wish I could pull these babies off!
You look great :)


Krislyn said...

those tights are gorgeous! they're NOT slutty. i'm getting myself some actually!

Marcell-a said...

the tights are not slutty okay :)
well, taylor momsen's style is gorgeous.
and you could do it too :)

Maskenlady said...

I think it looks great :D

stylechanges said...

u looks damm hot

moms always says that thats common

missmascara1983 said...

You look awesome. xx

MisS DakoTTA said...

Nice outfit!! Love navy shirt with tights !!! Your style is great !! Visit my blog and say what you think about it. YOu're so lucky to live in London...I'm in love with your city.



Karen said...

I really like it!! At the end of the day it's what you like to wear! To quote Alice in Wonderland, 'If everyone started wearing a cuttle fish on their head would you?' it doesn't matter if nobody else likes it as long as you do, and on the other hand you shouldn't wear something (or in this case stop wearing something) just because everyone else is! Its a def thumbs up from me!

Glam Girl said...

Love your outfit! It look like that of Taylor Momsen! U're so pretty!


Claire said...

haha, i wear the henry holland version of these out all the time so i know all about the weird looks. then again, i don't live in London so perhaps the looks I get are more from the fact i wore them to a farmers market...

mel said...

i really love them! you look amazing, and the dress with it is too


Fashion Wh0re said...

you look amazing..i love the outfit but i could never pull that off haha

Daphne said...

I love this look. You totally rocked this. I really would like to try this.

Zoe_Flood said...

I really like the look, and while I dont think it is slutty, I don't really like what you wrote, you kind of sounded immature and bratty. your mom knows what she is talking about, garders are very provactive and considered undergarments, its like when someone wears a corset and shorts or something like that. you may like attention but you are getting attention from a very wrong place. You LIKE old men stareing at you? you know that those old men are very capable AND WILLING to rape you or sexually assult you? I use to be like you "fuck you, I do what I want" but I've been stalked and chased by men because of my wardrobe choices, there is always a time and place, and your mom is just looking out for you because she has lived alot longer than you and knows alot about the injustices in life.

Charlie ♥ said...

hmmm fair enough, i am kind of immature, especially when it comes to my parents telling me what to do when im legally an adult :) and despite what im jumping about saying in this post, of course i know the limits, and that day i only wore them in my hometown. i'm not talking about walking around by myself at night in dodgy areas with them on, im talking about shopping or going to london wearing them. im simply making the point that i am pretty bratty and i hate my parents trying to take control over what i wear because they dont like it. thanks for your opinion though :)