a FML week

Ever have those weeks when life just screws you up the ass? Where everything that could go wrong does, and more?
I got some really, really horrible news yesterday. My 12 year old cousin was diagnosed with cancer a while ago, which was a real shock. However, hes come through chemotherapy amazingly, and now just has six months of immunotherapy left. Hes so strong - hes a real inspiration to everyone. However, yesterday I found out that his mum was diagnosed with Bowel cancer. God works in funny ways. I'm wishing, praying that they are both strong enough to get through this okay. They are the loveliest, kindest family, and they didnt deserve this. Please could you keep them in your wishes and prayers for me? Thank you.

To top this all off, some more, (rather insignificant in comparison) s**t happened this week. I got my A-Level results back, and one of them wasnt good. It looks like I wont be going to Leeds, which is a real blow for me.
Then as a cherry on the cake, add in some family issues, work issues and friends issues, and you got yourself a nice slice of FML. I don't want to turn into a really pessimistic person, so I'm trying to turn things around to make myself more optimistic, but its hard when life piles in on, you know?

Anyway, I'm sorry about that, but I needed a little vent. If your only interested in the fashion part, here it is:

Bunny top: £20, boutique
High-waisted black shorts: £30, Topshop
Stockings: Primark
Brogues: New Look

Lovelovelove ♥


SammyKins said...

seriously LOVE that top!! ha you look beautiful as always! also im doing a blog give away so come enter! love sammy

heartshapedbruise. said...

Oh my word, that top is TOO cute for words!


x.abigail said...

Sorry to hear about your family and your rubbish week. I hope things look up for you!
I love your top though :-)

Miri said...

Keep your chin up! Bad things happen, but in the end they help you become so much stronger -huggles-

Fashion Wh0re said...

WOW this post is sad...so sorry about all the family problems but keep your head up things will be fine ;)...Love your Top

Marcell-a said...

oh my god, i am sorry to hear that.
i would keep them in my prayers :)
be strong, and keep praying :)

nice outfit, i got the same shoes. but my shoes are silver. :)

Christie Brewington said...

i love the bunny top :) it looks really good on you and mmm i like them brogues!! i have black ones but i prefer the tanned ones on the whole


Hannah ♥ said...

awww sweetie I'm so sorry, I hope everything's getting better. If you ever need someone to talk to I'm always here x

Gorgeous outfit though, especially that adorable jumper



* Reena Rai * said...

Oh honey, so sad to hear all that bad news has happened in a week. I know we're only recent blog buddies but if you ever want to talk, give me a shout emails on my blog page. Love that bunny jumper, its beyond cute

Melissa said...

Haha, thankyou for that comment. I decided it was time for a change, but I tried to incorporate the elephant by putting an elephant necklace on her (:

This bunny top is so adorable, btw.

xx, Melissa

Glam Girl said...

I love your shoes! I have a pair like that on black