Tutu skirt and Formspring!

I now have a formspring! And it would be super if some of you could ask me some questions to get me started :) Just go to the sidebar and click on the link or on the image to direct you there! Or, if you're real lazy, click [here]

I'm so shocked that since my 50-follower giveaway less than 2 weeks ago I now have over 100 followers! I'm kind of hoping that won't evaporate after the giveaway is over, as I've heard it does...however, I did the giveaway to get my blog noticed, not to have a bunch of empty followers, so I guess if you really hate my blog you shouldn't feel inclined to stay, though I'll be sad to see you go!

Another super quickie one, sorry this isnt that exciting, this is an old one i discarded because it was too boring...lol! I'm so stressed and tired, for some reason im now working until 12 on nights before college :( sucks. And I just got back from college and I have to leave for work in ten minutes, definitely a good excuse for FML.

Ciao! xx

London's Portobello Market ♥ (Image heavy!)

Hellloooo beautiful people, so today I went to London's famed Portobello Market in Notting Hill. It was amazing, and I spent very little on a lot of gorgeous stuff! You can see my haul above, all such cute and quirky items! Was also a lovely day because I recieved my new Alexander McQueen scarf this morning, only to buy two cheap replicas in different colours in the afternoon :) haha.

Black tee - Primark
Scarf - Alexander McQueen, eBay
Sunglasses - Portobello Market stall
Shorts - Topshop
Tights - Primark
Stockings - Primark
Boots - eBay

Competition ends soon, will be announcing the winners on Thursday before I go on holiday, so make sure to enter if you havent already by clicking the image in the sidebar!

Charlie ♥

So tiny that they blow away like dust ♥

Sooo the countdown to my hol to Egypt is beginning! Just a week away! I'm afraid that means from the 2nd-9th there will be no updates, but I will be back on form the week after and I will reveal the winner of the Giveaway! If you haven't entered the Giveaway yet then just click the image in the side bar :)

Bit of a boring one today I'm afraid, just popped up to the pub this evening for a chat :) But I think this dress is really nice! (Even though I look GROSS lol) And its from Primark, for only £13! Lovely ♥

Dress - Primark
Stockings - Topshop
Worker Boots - eBay

Hope you all have a good weekend :) I'm going to Portobello market on Sunday, so should pick up some nice vintage buys hopefully! Going to be scouring for some runner-up prizes for the Giveaway aswell! ♥

The Stars and Stripes and Very Ripped Tights

Hey guys another quick one because i'm supposed to be picking my friend up for a chinese...like now, LOL. And she lives 15 minutes away, wow I suck :)

Pink Tee - New Look
Americano Shorts - Topshop
Ripped Tights - DIY
Worker Boots - eBay
Stockings - Topshop

This outfit was a bit crazy and mis-matched, I dont know if it was too much? The ripped tights look so bad, I took this at the end of the day where they had gone a bit crazy but they looked soooo good when i did them this morning, oh well! Apparently theres a trick with clear nail polish so they dont make one huge hole but I didn't have time!

I am in LOVE with these shorts if you've been following this long you may have seen them on my Topshop wishlist waaaaay way back, can't believe they are now actually in my wardrobe! The second pic of them I took a couple of days ago which is why the outfit is different :)

Also how cute is my new blackberry? I definitely need a new case but its so adorable! And purple! And I love how coincidentally this pic shows my old shitty Samsung flung face down on the bed LOL.
And I dropped my old phone in the toilet incase you were wondering why I had the crappy Samsung, i'm not some kind of phone caveman :)

guess who went shopppeeeennn? :)

Me!!! :):):) I'm off to Egypt in 2 weeks for Easter, so we went holiday shopping in London today. I'm sooooooooooo excited! I just want to get somewhere warm!!!
So I got a lot of things you'll be seeing over the next few days, all amazing! This has to be one of my best ever hauls! AND how amazing is this blazer? From PRIMARK. Just WOW.

Floral Blazer - Primark
Ruffle top - Topshop
Denim Skirt - H&M
Stockings - Topshop
Brogues - New Look

ALSO if you havent entered my giveaway yet, be sure to! Its the post below this one, or just click the image in the sidebar. I was very suprised because not many of you have entered yet, and some people actually just commented on the giveaway without entering, so I was left VERY confused. Did I not make it clear enough? I dont know lol. Anyway just enter by following the instructions, its free and takes 2 seconds, and you could win some fab goodies! :)

Thanks for reading! ♥


So I finally reached the 50 follower mark yesterday! Yayy! I decided when I first started the blog that I would do a giveaway each time I reached a 50 mark, so here you go! Didn't expect to do it so quickly though, I only started two months ago! :)
The winner will recieve these three items: A River Island purse, a vintage floral scarf and a cute rose-clip elasticated belt. If there are a lot of entries I will also have one - or possibly two - runner up prizes, yet to be decided.
So these are the rules!

1. As this is a giveaway for my lovely followers, ONLY FOLLOWERS OF THIS BLOG can enter.
2. You have to comment on this post and tell me what you're favourite fashion item is at the moment, be it a coat, scarf, hair accessory, skirt, whatever!
3. For TWO entries and double the chance to win, you have to mention this giveaway on your blog - give me a link to your blog when you enter!

I'll choose the winners in 2 weeks, plenty of time for you all to enter! Thanks for reading! ♥

OUTFIT POST ♥ & my most controversial look to date?

Regardless of whether or not you like this look, I had the funnest day everrrrrr wearing these out! I got some old grandads and grannies giving me disapproving looks, some guys I know saying I looked hot but they were a bit 'shocked' and some girls saying they kind of liked it, but "how on Gods EARTH could you wear that in public?" Oh, and the icing on this delicious cake was my mother sitting me down and saying I looked like a slut, and that as a 'non slutty girl' I shouldn't attract the attention of old men (as I do). Thank you mother for your delightful comments, it has done nothing but make me want to wear them morrreeee hahahaaa!

And, dear mother, if you're so sure I look like a slut, riddle me this: how is it that if I had gone out today with BARE LEGS I would have not gotten the same response? Surely the more classy thing to do would be to add MORE clothes, rather to take them away? :)

Of course I was inspired by this look from both Hannah of London--Rose, and by some photos of Lily Allen and Taylor Momsen. Both have either sported the full-on look, or the 'mock hold-up' tights. I was a bit dissapointed that the older generation have dubbed this trend 'unclassy'. I don't actually find a thing wrong with this look, and I don't understand why people do. When I first saw this look I didn't think OMG straight away, I just thought it was a bit unusual, so obviously im just a weirdo :) Yes, walking outdoors in your bra and pants with stockings and suspenders is unclassy, but worn right, they look HOT. I really want this to take off so I can shove it in some peoples faces haha!

Either way, I'm kind of an 'attention seeker' when it comes to fashion and I thank these little beauties for making life in a small town MUCH MORE INTERESTING. Seriously, when did everyone get so damn boring! Live a little you grannies! Godddddddddddd

I really dont get why people have such a problem with it, when some stupid bimbo Essex girls can go out on the weekends dressed like baby prostitutes. Anyway, what do YOU think? Would you wear this yourself? Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know! ♥

bags ♥

Everyyy girl has an accessory that they are obsessed with. Apart from clothes, I have to say, I have an unhealthy obsession with bags. And scarfs. And I have a lot of shoes...

Okay, scratch that last part :) ♥

Jane Shilton Floral sling bag - eBay

Black Faux Snakeskin handbag - Charity shop

Red and Black Knitted shoulder bag - Topshop

Black Faux Snakeskin sling bag - Charity shop

Pink and Black Dogtooth bag - eBay circa Topshop

Leather Lion motif shoulder bag - eBay circa New York Vintage

Sorry I'm too damn lazy to do an outfit post, I'll do one next time! Trust me its such an effort lol!

hair accessories ♥

Thought i'd do something a bit different today, so here are some snazzy hair accessories i love :)
When you have crappy, boring or limp hair like mine you need something to make life more exciting!

Lace headband - Ribbon, homemade
Silver Bow - Charity shop
Peacock clip - Miss Selfridge
Flower clip - Accessorise
Flower headband - Cant remember!

Bit of a gross selection of pics but was too lazy to do an outfit post :) and i'm off out in a bit!

And I've cheered up a bit now, and I learned an important lesson about perspective. Whenever something petty happens which seems important, theres always someone worse off than you. And my aunt told me that apparently her type of bowel cancer is very treatable, only needs 6 months of chemo and an op, and that my cousin is helping her through it and telling her about the chemo, bless his heart! So things are looking up a bit :)

Ciao! ♥

a FML week

Ever have those weeks when life just screws you up the ass? Where everything that could go wrong does, and more?
I got some really, really horrible news yesterday. My 12 year old cousin was diagnosed with cancer a while ago, which was a real shock. However, hes come through chemotherapy amazingly, and now just has six months of immunotherapy left. Hes so strong - hes a real inspiration to everyone. However, yesterday I found out that his mum was diagnosed with Bowel cancer. God works in funny ways. I'm wishing, praying that they are both strong enough to get through this okay. They are the loveliest, kindest family, and they didnt deserve this. Please could you keep them in your wishes and prayers for me? Thank you.

To top this all off, some more, (rather insignificant in comparison) s**t happened this week. I got my A-Level results back, and one of them wasnt good. It looks like I wont be going to Leeds, which is a real blow for me.
Then as a cherry on the cake, add in some family issues, work issues and friends issues, and you got yourself a nice slice of FML. I don't want to turn into a really pessimistic person, so I'm trying to turn things around to make myself more optimistic, but its hard when life piles in on, you know?

Anyway, I'm sorry about that, but I needed a little vent. If your only interested in the fashion part, here it is:

Bunny top: £20, boutique
High-waisted black shorts: £30, Topshop
Stockings: Primark
Brogues: New Look

Lovelovelove ♥

the day i went on an adventure to the seaside.

Whats up homies! Yet again I have to rush this as i'm running out for a chinese!

Me and my friend Sarah decided to embrace this amazing weather and go on an adventure to Southend on Sea :) You are in for a treat, as this is possibly my FAVOURITE SKIRT IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER. I got it in Topshop about 2 years ago for £60, and its probably my best purchase ever. Its so beautiful, you cant really see well, but its got running horses all over it and an attached leather belt, so cute! The rest of my outfit isnt so interesting as the skirt is so detailed i try not to outstage it! I just wore a plain long sleeved top and plain grey cardigan from H&M, and my plum Converses. I later wore my khaki River Island parka when it got a bit chilly :)

I also couldnt resist doing a bit of shopppeeeeeeen, so I will save a post of my purchases for tomorrow. Catch you then! ♥