I'm going to have an outfit post of what I bought yesterday later, but for now just had to spread the happy news of my recent eBay purchase!
This is a gorgeous vintage saddle pag with a lion embellishment on it. And the price tag? A mere £7, incuding postage and packaging!
It drives me crazy that most of my incredibly lazy friends hear of my finds and think its amazing but for some reason are scared of eBay! I distinctly remember my friend Louise who constantly assures me its 'not safe' and that she bought shoes once that were too big, and lost her faith in it instantly.

I'm not saying I haven't had bad eBay times, because I have. But that was only one occasion, and the others have been fixable. eBayers are very efficient and respectful, i've been offered money or postage refunded and one guy even dropped it down to my house when the postal strike was on (result!)
Its 100% safe with Paypal, which I would always recommend using. Item descriptions are often pretty reliable, because a dodgy description can make the purchase void. And most of the time, the risk is sometimes part of the fun! Sometimes they turn up different to how they appeared, and sometimes it's better than expected! So to all the eBay-cynics out there, take the jump!

Outfit post up later as promised, i'm so excited about my buys! ♥


SammyKins said...

they are gorgeous!! i love it! xxx


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

Ohhh I love this - and what a bargain at £7! I'm very jealous!

I must admit I'm a bit of an ebay addict and prone to the odd ebay binge... though when I say 'odd', I really mean 'very regular'!



sarah xo said...
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