Valentines day ♥

Hey guys, happy Valentines day! If your alone or with someone today, you can still feel good about yourself with these gorgeous accessories courtesy of ASOS!
I'm going out in a moment so i'll put up an outfit post when I get home and my cameras charged. Just to let you know, everyone makes such a big deal of this day, and most forget its just a stupid invention by card companys to make money - your still loved whether your in eating ice cream or with your boyfriend. So have fun whatever your doing, love ya!
Charlie ♥
And sorry about the dodgy quality of the necklaces, blogspot seems to be determined to reduce the quality of every picture i put up :l


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

eating ice cream... well that one would be me! ughhh I hate break ups, especially just before vals day. how bloody depressing!

Thanks for your lovely comment - it made me smile so much! you're such a sweetheart :)

LOVE all these accessories, especially the necklaces. adorable!

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Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

ohhhh and PS! I've been invited to a VIP party at London Fashion Week on Sat the 20th, 11pm til 3am-ish, by the gorgeous Audrey of

There'll be lots of free booze & the biggest fashion bloggers, and at an amazing venue!

I'm allowed to bring a few people with me so was wondering if you wanted to come & meet other bloggers? Should be lots of fun!


Charlie ♥ said...

im on my way to vote now! ♥