Topshop Unique! ♥

You've probably realised by now that I have VERY little patience for real fur on the catwalk, I'm all behind PETA on that one. HOWEVER, I was very interested in the amazing line up for the Topshop Unique catwalk, the first High Street brand to make it to LFW! And I'm sure the high street will provide some more ethical, high street equivalents :)

Normally I must admit, I'm not that interested in the catwalk. Although it provides good inspiration sometimes, normally real life high street outfits are much more exciting. I've never really got the whole catwalk thing.

Anywho, you know how much I love animal motifs and Topshop Unique was themed around them! All the catwalk models came out with wild bushy hair and eyebrows, and with animal horns on their heads. I especially love the wooly patterned tights and the colour scheme of brown/beige and navy!

I probably won't be doing this again as I dont like catwalks, but this is just a one off exception for my beloved Topshop :)

Outfit post tonight, so check back lovelies! ♥


Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

I did a post on this not so long ago I don't think it was this collection though! I am not a big fan of real fur either though they were really interesting in this one I agree it looks more ethical rather than like someone went on a animal killing frenzy though- oh I must sound insane.... I do like it though although the label is aimed at the outlandish dresser it seemed really subtle at the same time.

From Dolly

Marcell-a said...

omy god. they're using fur ?
is that real fur?

kumar said...

yeah looks so wat funny , but good

nice jacket

SammyKins said...

i do like this tho, its defiantly different but i saw these photos and they are soo cool! how are u charlie? thanks for the birthday message im posting soon homie! love sammy

Hannah ♥ said...

aaaah this is one of the shows I could've gone to if I could've afforded LFW! As soon as I saw all the amazing photos I was so depressed... kicking myself right now!

THANK YOU for all your lovely comments - especially the big angry one haha! Made me feel so much better :)

we must meet up and do that photoshoot soon! Sammy is coming home in a week if you want to make it 3 bloggers?



Charlie ♥ said...

@Hannah ahhh sucks dude! nevermind!

i want those damn stockings now!!!!!