Southend shopping! ♥

Sooo I was going Southend shopping yesterday...and I was kind of bummed because I had no money to spend...
Buuuuut my lovely mummy got a bonus so Charlie got one too...A beautiful £100 bonus! RESULT! God I am so spoilt :)

These gorgeous jegging's i've had my eye on for a while...the ones in Topshop were the ones I liked but they were quite expensive, but then I went H&M and found these little beautys for £15!
This bodycon dress I had my eye on for a very long time, I kept seeing it but just looking over it, but then I tried it on and it was so amazing I had to buy! (Well, technically my sister did, but we share everything)
Okay, just to emphasise how spoilt I am, not only did I get £100 dinero but my mum paid half for this khaki parka because I assured her it was practical haha! It was £60 from River Island and I've been looking for a parka like this for a while, they're going to be a big thing for the Spring months! With the whole military theme going on, with the boots and khaki, I couldn't resist adding the vintage RayBan's!

This dress is so cute but i'ts so summery it'll be a while before I get to wear it :( Its plain navy but with rope ties at the arms and it was from Topshop. This...was also my sisters :) Sharing is the first thing you learn are preschool !
I'm definitely going back to Southend in a hurry, the shopping is pretty good! And I love the sea...i'm not sure if I would have liked to grown up there (its pretty chavvy if you haven't heard) but even when its wintery and miserable its still gorgeous! :)
I have to apologise for the horrendous quality of these pictures, I had to use my dad's camera as the location of the missing camera lead is still unknown! ♥


SammyKins said...

OMG i want that body con dress! it looks amzing on you... you have the perfect figure!

loving the blog keep posting :)

love sammy


Megan said...

You are soo lucky :)

The jeggings really suit you and I'm not really their biggest fan

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

I have those jeggings!!! AND almosttt the exact same parka!

Love all your new buys, and you look amazing as usual :)



Clare said...

love your blog keep posting

clare xxx

streetlighteyes said...

Hiya I'm a new follower!
Very cute blog ^.^

sarah xo said...

Ah I love everything you got! Especially the body con dress! So cute...wish I had the body for it x]


Melissa said...

Ohmygosh, I love that bodycon dress! I'm prob the 5th person to post that but it is adorable.

xx, Melissa

RepublicOfChic said...

What a gorgeous bandage-y dress :)

Enjoying your outfit posts.

Much admiration all the way from India :)