Shoes Shoes Shoes!

God, I LOVE shoes. I never used to be that into them, and didn't understand the fixation, but now I see things a little differently!

These are the shoes I've been wearing at the moment for Winter. I have some gorgeous gladiators and jelly shoes and some more heels for Summer but they wont emerge for some time :( Nevermind, on with the Winter selection!

These are possibly my favourite shoes at the moment! They're gorgeous tasselled pixie boots I got a while ago from Primark. They're pretty thin so my feet get kind of cold, so I normally wear stockings like these grey lace ones from New Look.

I'm so happy at the moment, as this Summer sees set to the return of my beloved Converses! When I was around 15 I was OBSESSED with them (and I still have almost every colour, including some amazing gold sequin ones). These maroon/plum coloured ones are my favourite at the moment, ever since I saw them on the stunning Karen Gillian (Doctor Who's new assistant). Me and my fam have always watched that show with my cousins (don't take the piss, this is my geek side!) so i'm pretty excited about this girl because she looks like she has style!

These worker boots I also got from eBay for less than £10. They're pretty scuffed up as when I first got them I wore them all the time to walk the dog to distress them a bit.

I got these worker/military boots on eBay for about £40. I've been trying really hard to bash them up and distress them, but theyre so tough! I love the worker boots in River Island at the moment but at £75/£80 they're a BIT out of my price range! The socks are from Primark and are supposed to be slipper socks but I cut off the pom poms.
I got these brogues in Leeds when I was visiting my friend at Uni. They're real leather and they were from New Look.

I've had these cowboy boots for an age, and I love them because I got them at a vintage shop and it was a real mission to find a matching pair! They're a little bit too big but the detail on them is amazing though its hard to see in the photo.
Outfit post up tonight so check back! ♥


Christie Brewington said...

this is a really cool post. i love all the shoes you have got up there too. i have some pocahontas typed boots and worker boots. I also painted some wellies and cracked it all, :)

Love your blog, its great :)

ill make a link to my blog, well ill try :) ill also include you in my next post because i just love your blog :)


Doctor Hobbcone

Sophie_she said...

I have those fringe mochasons from primark to! I love them, but yeh my feet do get rather cold!