Outfit post ♥

Hey sexy peopleeeeees :) Another crazy outfit for the weather, but I was inside so I only had to run from the car :) Was regretting this when I went out for a cigarette though...:/
So I'm wearing a black black tank top from Topshop, and the skirt from Hollister I mentioned before. Grey stockings are from Primark and worker boots from eBay. The blue wooly cardi is from eBay and is an Abercrombie look-alike, and only for £4! Love it!

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Also did anyone hear about the trainer who was killed by an Orca at SeaWorld Orlando? I hate SeaWorld and I think its disgusting that they keep such large mammals in such small tanks, so to me this was tragic but inevitable. Just wondering if anyone else had any opinions on this ♥


isabella said...

Thanks for the comment :)!
follow me!

Melissa said...

I'm loving the boots & the skirt.

xx, Melissa

heartshapedbruise. said...

That cardigan is amazing! I was expecting it to be much more expensive than that - great buy.


JMay said...

Very cute outfit lady, you rock it!

Marcell-a said...

oh my god. the blue wolly cardi is soo cute :))
and cheap enough, i think. lmao xD

mind following me? i followed you.
and you're redheaad. :DDDD

Schnella said...

Very cute! Such a lovely outfit xx

fashiongrunge said...

you remind me of effy from skins...amazing!