Outfit post ♥

This was pretty casual, as I just went to a friends :) Im obsessed with this burgundy/maroon colour atm! The scoop neck jumper was from New Look and the jacket was from ASOS. The jeggings were cheapo ones I got at V Festival last year, and of course I paired my matching Converses :) And I added a little clock necklace, its so cute!


Clare said...

Love the outfit it's very cute!!!! The Polaroid pictures look fantastic also.

clare xoxo


heartshapedbruise. said...

Hey, I recently came across your blog & rather like it :)
Have just started a blog of my very own, if you're interested in taking a peek.


P.S. Where oh where did you get your clock pendant from?! I'm seriously wanting one.. & does it work?

streetlighteyes said...

Love love love this look. It's casual and laid back but actually looks like you've put effort into it, not just picked up random things off the floor
...which I have been known to do


Graham I. Haynes said...

Yesss great color combo, and I love the crest on the Asos jacket. Clock necklace? Cute.

Abbie B-C said...

Hey awesome blog!

-- With regards to the Liam Gallagher comment, I totally agree. I think Peter Kay rounded him off perfectly when calling him a 'knobhead'. Ha.

As for this outfit! Wow-wee. I love everything about it, the converse are ultra cool, the blazer is so cute!

I love how you matched the burgandy of your top with your converse.

And that necklace! Wow, it's beautiful. Vintage.

xx A xx

I'll be seeing you, as I'm now adding you to my blog list.


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

SO adorable & preppy! Love the colour combo, the preppy grey jersey blazer (love it!) and that gorgeous clock necklace :)



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