New layout! ♥

Goddd that took a very long time, its kinda hard doing pics on timer lol! :) Pleaseee tell me what you think and be honest, was the old one better? Do you like the polaroid style? I might do an outfit post a bit later but that took a lot of my energy! Im off to get some munchies :)

Charlie ♥


SammyKins said...

jadore!!! i love it !! you look gorgeous! have u got facebook? add me :D

love sammy


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

this is AMAZING, seriously! I love love love it! especially the polaroids :)



Charlie ♥ said...

haha thanks dudes, i know i worked out this new polaroid generator thing and im obsessed with it ! xx

Lauren said...

I like it but but but you should have a comment box on the side of the page!! It makes it easier to write stuff xxxxxxx