a moan dedicated to abercrombie and fitch.

I may do an outfit post later when I get back from the cinema (seeing the lovely bones!!! =]=]) but for now i need to have a moan.
So I bought the A&F hoodie, I chose this one in the end:
Isnt it gorg? Only problem is, I ended up getting a medium as I was told the small was a 4-6 and a medium is a 8-10. If this is not correct I will kill someone :
AND apparently they 'frown upon' returns. And return postage is like $30, which is a big sack of BS as ive posted things to America before and it does NOT cost that much. Are they seriously trying to discourage me from buying their products or what???

I felt seeing as I was moaning about A&F, I might as well tell you about my horrible experience with Hollisters in Westfields, London the other day.

So it looks amazing from the outside, I dunno if you've seen, but I was like WOW when I first saw it...

Okay I just looked and I can't find a picture, but it draws your attention. So first, we decided to stroll on in, where a beautiful halfcast guy with an afro guarded the door. Just as we were about to walk by him, he puts out his hand and stops us. He tells us to wait in the que, and when I look around my face drops as I realise there is a que curling around the corner, JUST TO GET IN THE SHOP. We qued up anyway, as my friend really wanted to get in, and ended up having a good 40 minutes wait, I kid you not.
EVENTUALLY we get in, and I feel momentarily lost when I discover it is pitch black inside. Seriously. I had to claw my way around, and caught my hip on the displays more than once.
I found this super cute skirt (which I'll put on a future post) but I had no way of telling the colour. I actually stood under a spotlight and held it up to try and see, but I actually couldn't :
Nor could I try it on, because despite it being a shop which accomadates a lot of people, it seems to have only one changing room. Brill. Don't really fancy another half hour wait thanks.
It was £45, so I took the risk. I ended up searching the shop for 10 minutes to find a mirror, which convieniently was located squashed in a corner behind an armchair with about 6 people fighting for space, and I held it up against myself.
I decided to buy, and after another speedy 30 minute wait, I arrived at one of the three tills, only one of which was accomadated by a member of staff. Apparently all that standing around and looking sexy is much more important.
The girl who was serving me was talking to another girl staff, who apparently had nothing better to do, despite the fact there was a long que and empty tills. They clearly had rubber for brains, the crap they were going on about, and it took her ages to serve me as she was obviously distracted.

I escaped, just, with my skirt, after a mere 2 hours inside the claustrophobic shop :)
So Abercombie clothes = *****
Abercrombie shop/customer service department/website = *
That was a rant and a half, haha. I hope to God my hoodie is super hot.

Have any of you been to Abercrombie or Hollister shops? Am I the only one who was pissed off by this experience?


Melissa said...

First off, the Lovely Bones was amazing. (:
Secondly, I used to shop at Hollister along with the rest of the girls who live on this island, all the time. I never had to wait 45 minutes to get in! Haha, but I remember once I needed to get a red top to wear to a Christmas party at my dance school and I walked out of the store, only to find out that I had bought a pink shirt -_- Another downside to Hollister is that whenever I bought something there, I knew at least 5 other people who had that same exact article of clothing, except maybe in one of the seven different colors. I tend not to shop there anymore but the hoodies are super comfy and adorable(: I wouldn't buy the tank tops there, if I were you, because they rip easily.

xx, Melissa

SammyKins said...

i love it+ LOVE abercrombie ! sorry to hear about the size thing..who told u that!? hope it gets fixed!
thank you for your kind words on my recent post :)
also what was lovely bones like???

love sammy



heartshapedbruise. said...

Am looking forward to hearing what you thought of 'The Lovely Bones'.. Have you read the book?? It's one of my favourites & I don't want the film to have ruined it! I've heard mixed reviews, so I'm going to have to actually go & see it myself!

The experience you've had at Hollister does NOT make me want to shop there - sounds like a nightmare.

Really hope your hoodie is perfect when it arrives, after all that!


Hannah ♥ said...

Arghhhh sounds like a nightmare! I'll definitley be staying away from that shop :)

Hope the hoodie is ok when it arrives - you'll have to do an outfit post with it asap!