Military/Worker Boots ♥

Doctor Martens ♥
Timberland ♥

Urban Outfitters ♥ River Island ♥
This is definitely one of my favourite trends of 2009/2010. I l o v e these boots, and River Island comes out on top! The baby pink Doc Martens are pretty special though, was very tempted to buy them on eBay for around £50 a while ago but I got my military boots instead for £40. The only thing I DO NOT like about this trend is it makes your feet look HUGE :l Im guessing it all depends whether you want the real deal, or to fake it with the fashion alternative. Either way looks good!
Im so bummed because my dad is taking his sweet time finding the camera lead for the camera i got for christmas, so i cant do an outfit post! im determined to find it today, im going shopping in Southend and I want to bring it with me! Gahhh :( ♥


isabella said...

i just love them!
i must have a pair!
lovely blog!!!

Please check out & follow my blog :)

Days In The Life With Me said...

ooh, nice :))

Check it out :)

Sophie_she said...

I've been having a secret affair with the KG by Kurt Geigar boots ^_^

Worker boots are so versitile, I love them!