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This is a very OT post, but I had to share how amazing I thought this movie was :)

I'm too tired to do an outfit post tonight, but tomorrow definitely...although now half term is officially over, I have to return to work mode :(
Anyway, so this movie is set in the seventies, and I have to take a minute to get back on topic and to say I love seventies movies, because the clothes were so cute! Especially the grandma, she had style! ♥
I especially loved watching 'The Boat that Rocked' (have you seen it?) set in the sixties because the clothes were so fab - I got a lot of inspiration!

Anyway, back to the movie. I won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it, but it was so beautiful. I went with my two friends - who are consequently going out - and I was in tears for some of it. The limbo-style heaven she lives in is amazing. I wasn't expecting the murder part to be so...I won't say graphic, but a bit detailed for my liking, and some of this ruined the movie, but then, I guess the book was detailed.
Saorise Ronan, who plays Suzie, has the most incredible blue eyes that I was searing with jealousy over the whole film. For a 15 year old girl, hell she can act. She was also in Atonement (another one of my favourites) and was so good in that aswell.
Once we were out of the cinema, my friend Sam (being a typical male) disrupted the people leaving by announcing it was the worst film he'd seen (well, a bit more graphic than that) I think because, to be fair, in a film version the plotline seemed a bit weaker and some things didn't transcribe well into cinema. If you haven't read the novel, I HIGHLY recommend it, if you did or didn't like the movie.
Anywhoo, I don't know if anyone will even be interested in this as it has nothing to do with fashion, but I'll probably take to doing a few more of these OT posts, as I want this blog to be more personal than others are. And I did mention clothes at least once!
Lovelovelove ♥


SammyKins said...

i want to see it! i read the book too :)

love sammy

Hannah ♥ said...

oh I reallyyyyy want to see this! looks so amazing, and you've made me want to see it even more!



M. said...

ah the boat that rocked looks amazing I must see it!

lovelove, M.

Miri said...

I loved this movie! I'm trying to track down a copy of the book, but everywhere has run out! I rarely cry during movies, but I was very close to it in the one -eep-

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Sharon said...

Oeh, love your header!
I love polaroids, just like
you ican see!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I read the book ages ago, but have yet to see the movie. I must admit, I too adore clothes from the seventies!! :)

x.abigail said...

I was so excited to see this after reading the book but it was a bit too dark for me :-( I know the book isn't exactly a happy one, but the movie didn't do it for me!
Although I agree that Saorise is an amazing actress!

Great post though!