First outift post ♥

Yay first outfit post! Well I'm wearing this tonight to go to the pub, i'll probably freeze to death but you have to suffer for fashion :)

I wore the pixie boots from before (which you will probably see many times more!), my panda beenie from River Island and this amazing Equine jumper from Topshop (one of my obsessions for 2010!).
The panda beenie was £12 on eBay, which true I would not normally spend that much on a hat (I dont lie, some of the other panda beenie hats such as the sold out grey ones were going for as much as £40!) but its so cute! Its absolutely EVERYWHERE now, and when I bought it my friends were kind enough to take the piss, WHOS LAUGHING NOW? haha :)
The jumper was a bad impulse buy because it was £25, which is WAY too much to spend on one item of clothing when you dont have a job : but I love it so much! I wanted it oversized but it was sold out so I had to get a 6 in petite, which is why the sleeves are a bit short!
Lastly I chucked on some frayed denim shorts I got in River Island a while ago, I will probably freeze to death but I miss summer when I didn't have to wear jeans all the time :( they were around £35 I think.

Topped it all off with my messy hair and red lipstick!

Another outfit post and an eBay post soon so check back my lovelies! ♥


Clare said...

Cute hat! I like your blog header :)



SammyKins said...

love the hat jumper and.. well everything! lovely post :)

love sammy