7 things I wish for *sigh*

If only I had a million bucks...these are my favourite items at the moment from two of my favourite stores, im going shopping Monday with my mummy so maybe I can beg her...? :)


Anything you guys wish you had at the moment that you cant afford? ♥


Sophie_she said...

In love with the fareisle knit waistcoat from River Island.
I have an obbsession with their boots to! How do they make them so unbelievably perfect!

You gotta love Topshop though I've found they can be so expensive for what you get too.



Charlie ♥ said...

omg i know the waistcoat and boots and two of my favs! the boots especially though theyre like £65 but theyre so gorgeous! :(

topshop is a bit of an indulgence for me these days...i wish i had a job! xx